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PyCon Sweden | Anbreen Sheikh

PyCon Sweden

We did it !! Three years in a row.

2016 was the third year python community hosted PyCon in Stockholm, Sweden. Those of you who are wondering what PyCon is and what it stands for, have a look here to understand what PyCon represents and it’s existing chapters all over the world.

The python community in Sweden is small but strong. Small, for obvious reasons like the total population of all of Sweden is only 10 million [just a bit more than the population of NewYork city] and strong, because of the bustling tech culture in Stockholm, Sweden.

The python community in Sweden is held together under a non profit organisation called Python Sverige, PyCon is also hosted under the Python Sverige organisation. The by-laws for Python Sverige are available for everyone to view at GitHub https://github.com/python-sverige/stadgar

I have been a part of all three PyCon conferences (2014,2015,2016). All these years have been fantastic with the opportunity to listen, mingle and network with programmers and experts from all around the world. This year I was on the board of PyCon Sverige and worked with other members to successfully host the conference.

As mentioned above Python Sverige is a non-profit organisation and we are only able to hold the conference because of our generous sponsors and the conference tickets that are sold. So if you want to support the python community in Sweden you are welcome to sponsor us next year, have a look at our sponsorship page. Over the course of last three years, we have had a number of sponsors like @spotify @Fyndiq @Lifesum @TobiiAB @PythonAcademy@MetallapanAB etc. It is a wonderful opportunities for the companies to find resources as the conference venue is jam-packed with programmers with all type of expertise.

Usually PyCon Sweden takes place in the second week of May. The venue for the conference from last two years have been the scenic Hilton hotel in the middle of Stockholm city. This year as well the conference took place from 12-13 May at Hilton, Stockholm.

The number of attendees for the conference is based on the number of tickets released for the conference, 250-300 people attended the conference last year and the numbers were more or less the same this year as well.

If you are a technology enthusiast and want to speak at the conference, the “call for proposal” is announced at the beginning of the March and the selected talks are announced a month before conference date, if you are interested in speaking at the conference in the future keep an eye on the PyCon Sweden website. Over the course of last three years there have been many interesting talks with their energetic speakers, luckily for the audience who has not attended PyCon this year (or previous years) there are video recordings of all talks on our youtube channel. PyCon Sweden YouTube 

Every year there is a “call for volunteers” as well and we get volunteers who are interested in not only attending the conference but also wants to support the python community. The volunteers assist us in administrative work during the conference days, if you are interested in being a volunteer for us next year, keep this email in mind. volunteer@pycon.se

To follow the activities of python community in Sweden you can subscribe to our mailing list. The mailing list can be joined by entering the email at the bottom of this page and clicking subscribe.

If you are interested in being on the board of PyCon Sweden, you are welcome to attend our yearly meeting. The invitation to the yearly meeting will be sent to you if are subscribed to the mailing list. It is in the yearly meeting the board members are elected.

To stay updated on the conference news follow PyCon Sweden on twitter andFacebook.